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Quotes About Moving On From A Relationship

To me your love was everything and you meant the world to me, but it hurts to know that for you my love was just another episode that you will soon forget.”

“I parted my life and my secrets and some of my finest moments with you, unaware of the fact that you would part that love with someone else and walk away.”

“Now that you have walked away, I feel that I am going to forget you soon, but my heart tells me that with time it will only get difficult because I won’t forgive you for breaking my heart.”

quotes about moving on

“I loved you as my own, but now that you have decided to walk apart I keep telling myself that I should not hold you because if you are really mine you might walk in again.”

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“You entered my life and bowled me over with your beauty. I fell for your love and gave my heart to you, but now you are stealing it away and my life will never be the same again.”

“Walking apart is not the right feeling that I would like to cherish, but the moments we spent together will be cherished for lifetime and your love will stay in some corner of my heart.”

“My mind tells me that I should let you go because we are not made for each other, but heart is still holding on to you and the battle inside me is far from over.”

“Love changes everything around and that is what people say, but I guess in our case it happened the other way around where love changed us completely and now we are not the same people anymore departing away.”

“I was filled with love when I was in love with you, but now that we have moved apart I would need patience to heal my heart and get over it.”

“Moving on is so new to my life. I understand that it will take some time for the fog to settle down and only then I will see the new phase of my life.”

“No matter how hard you try you cannot describe love because there are no right words that can describe how you feel when you are in love, the same goes with breakup too.”

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