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Ride Or Die Quotes

“Find a girl who knows how to hold you down during rough times and celebrate with during the good times.”

“Distance means nothing to hearts willing to do anything for love.”

“I will never run out of reasons to treat you like a queen.”

“True friends are people you do not need to find during rough times, because they will already be there even before you call.”

ride or die quotes

“A man who will never leave you through thick and thin, is a man worth keeping.”

“Best friends are not the ones who would commit to die for each other, but those willing to kill another for each other.”

“You know you’re in love when you put your girl to sleep and she wakes up in your dreams.”

“Find a woman independent enough not to use you for her luxuries in life.”

“People will get tired running after you, eventually. Let them be and see who stays or leaves.”

“The best kind of friend is the one who will smile when you smile, and cry when you cry.”

“Death reassures us that our loved ones are now in a safer, better place than this cruel world.”

“If a person loves you enough, he will wait for you no matter how long it takes, until you’re ready to love and be loved in return.”

“I will look beyond your imperfections even if you frequently go out at night, ride or die, try or fly. I will always be by your side, you can assure yourself of that.”

“Just say the words, and I’ll stay with you. Do or die.”

“The first step to failure is to stop trying.”

“We be rich or poor, I have to know you’ll see me through because no trial is too hard when shared with you.”

“Love is a communication between two understanding individuals.”

“Love maybe the answer but sex sounds as much interesting as love.”

“I may be afraid of so many things in life, but most of all, I am afraid of losing you.”

“Love makes all things possible, you just have to pull the trigger and commit.”

“I am not the usual girl who’ll go head over heels for you. I will annoy you and piss you, but that’s just me saying how much I care.”

“If a person loves you more than anything, no matter what the situation brings, they will stay.”

“Find a woman who knows how to protect her king, because these women are the ones who would fight for their love and not the ones who will fight with their love.”

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